Condo Fee Litigation

Condominium fees and assessments are essential to the operation of every condominium association, regardless of size.  Without fees, an association may be unable to pay its master insurance premiums, landscaping and snow removal services, and utility payments.

Because of their essential nature, Massachusetts law creates powerful rights in each association against individual unit owners who fail to pay their monthly dues or assessments. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A, Section 6(a)(i) provides that condominium dues and assessments are a lien against the individual condominium units. Once perfected, these “super liens” take priority over nearly all other encumbrances on the property, and even permit the association to foreclose on the delinquent unit. What’s more, a delinquent unit owner is personally responsible for all condominium dues and assessments owed, together with late charges, penalties, interest, and costs of collection, including the association’s attorney fees.

At Vaughn-Martel Law, we represent both small and large condominium associations in their management and collection of past-due accounts and, when necessary, establishing an association’s super-lien in court. At every turn, our office collaborates with its clients to resolve delinquent owner accounts efficiently and to enforce the association’s liens in a cost-effective or cost-neutral manner.

The trustees of a condo association should act proactively by keeping good records, communicating all fines, fees, and assessments to unit owners, responding quickly to late payments, and by referring delinquent accounts promptly to counsel.

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